The “Daily Caller” has a great article by Kevin P. Chavous, the chairman of the Black Alliance for Educational Options, Why Don’t The Congressmen Who Look Like Us Want Us To Go To Better Schools? We’ve pasted a few sections below, but the entire piece is very good and available to read in full Here.  The loudest opponent to surface in Tennessee’s efforts for education reform has been state Rep. Mike Turner – D, District 51.  TNSC is hoping Rep. Turner and other opponents of education reform give more thought to the dismal education situation in Tennessee, particularly with the mess in Memphis and other low income, poor performing districts.

As you read this, Democratic state legislators across the country are doing something that, 20 years ago, would have been considered politically taboo.  They’re supporting school choice.

More specifically, they’re backing not only public charter schools, but opportunity scholarships and scholarship tax credit programs, initiatives that allow low- and middle-income parents to select private schools for their children.

Because they realize that without more quality choices, low-income children will be confined to failing and underperforming schools and that an entire generation of children could be lost to mediocre jobs, to lives on the streets, or worse. They see a colossal achievement gap between low- and higher-income children that must be closed, and they see the arguments of special interests — that “more time” and “more money” will fix our schools — as unhelpful evasion.

Lawmakers of both parties must put aside ideology and do what’s right for children, just like they’re doing in states across the country. Our future depends on it.

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