2010 MetLife Survey of the American Teacher

The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher, conducted by Harris Interactive, each year since 1984, explores teacher’s opinions and brings them to the attention of educators, policy makers and the public.

The Dumbing-Down of America

“Is our children learning?” as George W. Bush so famously asked. Well, no, they is not learning, especially the history of their country, the school subject at which America’s young perform at their worst. Trendies and minorities have their sensibilities massaged in the new history, which is, says McCullough, “often taught in categories — women’s history, African American history, environmental history — so that many students have no sense of chronology … no idea of what followed what.”

‘Newsweek’ names 4 schools in Middle TN among nation’s best

The calculations changed after Newsweek’s editors consulted with some of the nation’s most prominent educators about what would make the list a more accurate reflection of high-performing schools producing college-ready students.

Liberal Wisconsin Judge Tipped Off Anti-Walker Suit Was Coming

Education Action Group received Falk’s communication via an Open Records request.  At the same time, we filed one for Ozanne’s communications.  He ignored our repeated requests. To that end, Education Action Group is suing Ozanne for his lack of transparency.  That is the irony of the whole thing:  two individuals – a judge and a DA – purport to care so much about government openness and transparency, yet one of them requires an organization to hire an attorney to get the public records.

Board debates home-schoolers on teams

Williamson County Schools officials have taken a first stab at the divisive issue by proposing a policy that would require home-schooled students to participate in at least one class on the campus of their assigned school. Tullahoma City Schools and Knox County Schools — in Tennessee that have already disallowed these students from participating, he said. Like Williamson County, Rutherford and Sumner County school systems are in the process of dealing with the issue, he added.

Newsweek’s best high school list shows TN shakeup

Newsweek magazine changed the way it calculates its annual list of the nation’s top high schools, shuffling the Tennessee schools who made it.

Judge rules for city motion in schools lawsuit, against full trial

A federal judge overseeing the schools consolidation lawsuit has ruled in favor of requests by the Memphis City Council, City of Memphis and County Commission to force the state to produce a witness for deposition over the narrow but critical issue of whether Memphis City Schools was — or is — a special school district.

Tennessee requires annual training for school board members

When it comes to being a school board member, Tennessee is in the minority of states that require annual training sessions as part of the requirements for holding the position.

Clinton honored as charter schools confab gets busy

The National Charter Schools Conference begins its education seminars with a tribute to Clinton, a series of workshops on charter school operations and a tour of two metro Atlanta campuses.

President Clinton and Charter Schools: A History Lesson

That’s why I ask my colleagues to appreciate, as well as tolerate, my concern over a public tribute to former President Bill Clinton, who today received the first-ever lifetime achievement award from the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools. When Clinton convened the governors on national goals, charters were not on the table. When the NEA convened and invited Clinton to meet with them, charters were on the table, albeit for different reasons.
Understanding Public Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools that operate with more flexibility than traditional district schools. Yet, many people mistakenly refer to them as “private,” or say they simply don’t understand what category they fall into. We wanted to answer some of the common questions we have received about charter schools. So, we turned to James Merriman, chief executive officer of the New York City Charter School Center for some answers.

Study Helps Pinpoint Math Disability

Just because someone is having difficulty with math doesn’t necessarily mean they have a math learning disability. This study points to a core marker” of true dyscalculia. Math-learning disability affects about 5 percent to 8 percent of school-age children nationwide, about as many people nationwide as are affected by dyslexia.

‘First to the Top’ Teacher Eval System Approved

The Tennessee Board of Education has approved the much-discussed teacher evaluation process, a step that provides a yardstick for measuring teacher performance…The teacher evaluation requirement itself is not the current Legislature’s or the governor’s idea. It is the law, part of the the state’s First to the Top Act, a product of the overhaul in education that landed the state $501 million in the Race to the Top competition in 2010. Beginning with the 2011-12 school year, every certified educator will be formally evaluated on an annual basis.

High school gets teen off the street and into college

There was a time not too long ago when 19-year-old Derontae Mason slept in homeless shelters and school playgrounds.
Now Mason is heading to college with his sights set on becoming a pediatrician, thanks to the Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School in Takoma Park, Maryland, a Catholic college prep school for low-income teens. Students must work at one of the school’s designated job partners. The students are paid when the employer makes a financial contribution to the school. So, as it turns out, the students are working their way through school.

Tutors gain ground as curriculum gets tougher

“The question parents really need to ask is, ‘Is my child’s reading or math performance improving, and how do I know it?’ ” Fuchs said. “Anyone or any group that goes into tutoring needs to provide their client with data.” Students in consistently low-performing schools qualify for government-paid tutoring under the No Child Left Behind law, and some of those get it through Sylvan or other tutoring enterprises Metro contracts.

Let us choose good schools

In standard school districts, children are enrolled in a school based on their home address. Getting out of that school requires their family to move to another district, make enough money to send them to a private school or alternative public school (if allowed), or have enough free time and ability to homeschool them. Poor families are severely limited, if not hopeless, on all three counts.

Indoctrination Fridays: California Federation of Teachers Works Unionizing Propaganda into Curriculum

Socialists realize they don’t need to win political offices to change America. They can do it through education, the arts and the media. Changing culture in general, they know, will be far more damaging to the American experiment and harder to undo than an election. That’s precisely what they’re doing.

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